Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm the greatest fisherman in the world 

Just sayin' is all.

Some stuff:

- Mondays suck. They always have. This morning was particularly unbearable. Just a horrible reminder of where I am and what I've yet to accomplish.

- Last night's premieres of Curb Your Enthusiasm(season) and Extras (series) on HBO were both incredibly funny. I especially loved Winslet's guest starring performance on Extras. It's really the first time I've found myself in love with her. Hilarious. These two shows following Rome cements HBO as the only channel worth watching on Sunday nights after football. Sorry Family Guy et al.

- I don't give a single crap about the fashion industry, but even I can see the blatant hypocrisy of black-balling Kate Moss for allegedly using cocaine. Seriously.

- I liken Ariel Sharon's fight within the Likud Party to the human civil war about to take place in Battlestar Galactica. I think that's pretty accurate. Sharon was able to fend off Netanyahu's leadership challenge today, keeping the election primaries in April as scheduled instead of seeing them moved up to November.

- Does anyone else find themselves less interested in Hurricane Rita than in Hurricane Katrina? It sounds heartless to say, but both hurricanes were incredibly destructive. Rita actually wiped out the entire town of Cameron, Louisiana. Think about that. It's gone. And yet, because of the constant media attention on Katrina, there seems to be a sense of 'been there, seen it' with Rita. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I've noticed that reaction from a few people. Could be because people actually evacuated before the storm hit this weekend.

- The NHL is back next week. This could be one of the greatest seasons of all time. I say that in complete earnest. Team rosters are radically changed and the new rules are very exciting. New faces in new places and everyone seems to be starting back from zero.

- The only way the Oakland A's are making the playoffs is if they sweep this four-game set with Anaheim. Even then, the A's still need some help. But this team rolled over about a month ago. They just happen to have been in contention this long because the Angels haven't taken care of business. Meanwhile, the White Sox are truthfully the 6th best team in the American League. Yeah, I said it. They'll flame out in the first round of the playoffs. The Red Sox, mind you, might not even make the playoffs. Why aren't people talking about that?! The Yankees are winning that division, I tells ya.

- Some highs and lows in the NFL yesterday. Stellar games played between Philly/Oakland, Pittsburgh/New England, Miami/Carolina, and Jacksonville/Jets. All terrific.

It was an unfortunate ending for Raiders fans. David Akers, the Eagles kicker, literally collapsed clutching his hamstring multiple times during the opening kickoff. He was playing on one leg and probably ruining his season by doing so. Akers made every single kick he attempted. By contrast, Sebastian Janikowski missed two field goals that would've given Oakland the win. That's tough. The Eagles ran all day on the Raiders and I'm kind of surprised they didn't do that more. Shocking stat of the year: through three games, Kerry Collins has thrown ZERO interceptions. And yet somehow the Raiders are 0-3. I'm calling it now, next week we're beating Dallas. If not for a botched call in week 2 and a couple missed field goals yesterday, the Raiders could be 2-1.

Patriots v. Steelers definitely lived up to the billing. What a game! It'll be defined, not by Vinatieri's game-winning kick (damn, he's good), but by Antwaan Randle-El's ridiculous lateral attempt. If he doesn't try that hair-brained trick, Pittsburgh probably has a double digit lead going into half time. Wow. That definitely bit them in the ass.

The Jets have some serious problems at quarterback now. Pennington says he's going to play on Sunday, but they finished yesterday's game with 3rd-stringer Brooks Bollinger behind center. Ugh. Trouble awaits.

Peyton Manning has thrown ZERO touchdowns in his last two games. The Colts are 3-0. Hello defense. Where are you offense?

The Packers are officially crap. Brett Favre is simultaneously the only thing keeping that team in games and causing it to lose games. Although kicking problems yesterday were mainly to blame. Anyway, the Lambeau mystique is gone and probably won't be back this season.

As bad as the Packers are, the Cardinals are probably worse. One touchdown all season long. It doesn't matter that Kurt Warner was knocked out of yesterday's contest and may miss next week's game. Hell, it didn't matter when he signed with the team this past summer. I simply did not understand the hype this team was getting before the season based on Warner's arrival. If anything, they only had a chance at the playoffs because the NFC is so crappy. Looks like business as usual in AZ.

If Denver beats KC tonight, picks record for the week is 10-4. 3-0 on BBs. Better.

- Don't forget, tonight is a new Arrested Development.

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