Friday, September 09, 2005

Let's throw a bunch of stuff into one post 

Try to stay with me here. We could be all over the map.

Last night I went to Hooters (yeah... I know, but at least it was the one in Hollywood) to watch the Raiders game with fellow Raider fan, Adam. We would've gone to Big Wangs (yeah... I know), but it was packed. Anyway, I only mention Hooters at all for two reasons. 1) The hostess was the girl from Whale Rider, but she was all growns up and growns up and growns up. The inner monologue sounded something like this, "Oh man, 'Whale Rider' is hot -- wait, no! Bad! She's Whale Rider! She's, like, 12! Oh, but not anymore. And look how perky she is." And so forth. Anyway, reason 2) We were served our pitcher of beer not with glass mugs, but with red plastic cups. What is this? High school? Let me get this straight, Hooters: You're freaking Hooters. You serve beer to degenerate hootin'-an'-a-hollerin' football fans and you're out of mugs? What, did the season sneak up on you too fast? Were you caught unaware like Louisiana -- err -- the Federal Government? C'mon.

At any rate, the Raiders hung tough in the first half against the Pats in what was a very entertaining game. Then the second half started and the wheels came off. Adam said it best, "Why can't we stopped cheating?!" I think the Raiders had something like 3,400 penalties last night. All due to carelessness. But this is nothing new for this team. If the winner of a game were determined by penalties accumulated, the Raiders would be working on a 12-year unbeaten streak. Maybe longer. Still, they only lost by ten in the end at New England. To me, that signals there is a beat of hope ahead this season. Particularly if Norv "I looked like I needed to take a huge dump all night" Turner can instill any semblance of discipline.

The slunt next to me at work has been voraciously typing an email of what I can only assume has reached 490,000 words by now for the last hour. It sounds something like this: puaergpdfnp dpfoijoia iepja nojpngp eg uihrwtiughnop 8guirpvnsuidfpgeqn udfajkdfkjhsalsdjflksjhlhkjdlagnkfnvlavadjfvldanvlavniu.
Yes? You understand? I'm actually beginning to think that rather re-telling some grandiose, melodramatic epic about watching TV with her dog, that she isn't typing anything at all. It's all just "aeuirhdfn pogege[kpomeg83905ut945tegdfgvdpnzd oijp" forever and ever. I was literally entranced by the sound of clik-clak-clik-clak-clik for a good while before someone called me and snapped me out of it. This is dangerous. Especially when it is so overcast outside and I could've slept a thousand sleeps. Which was especially true after I woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming that my stomach was inflating while I was talking to this really hot girl. I was befuddled, but it turns out that my dream was just telling me to wake up so that I could take a wazz. Thanks a lot, dream. Now, I don't even remember what that girl looks like. Pfft. Ass.

George Bush don't care about charity! While I probably won't be watching, I am mildly interested to see if Kanye West uses the Katrina benefit concert tonight to blast the President one more time. Mildly. Only because, sadly, the public seems to give a lot of credence to what the Kanye West's of the world say. That isn't a knock on Kanye, per se, but he is a celebrity and the media tells us to listen to him. Hell, perhaps the main reason that Bush is catching flack at all is because "TV images keep heat on Bush." This, really, is a ludicrous notion! The horrors we see on TV shouldn't be the sole thought-provoker, Public. Get it together. Pay attention. Give a damn about how out of touch this man is. The top three leaders of FEMA are all unqualified? Oh well. That's our Georgey.
No sooner do I post this than the FEMA Chief is removed. Rightfully so.***

Alright, I think I'm done. Green Street Hooligans opens in theaters today. I'm psyched. This movie is for me and -just maybe - no one else. I'd really like to see it tonight, if possible. Hopefully it provides something below the testosterone-injected surface, but I'm resisting projecting too much onto it. For now, I'd like to go in fresh.

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