Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Anyone else notice the White Sox catching a lot of breaks? 

There was the called third strike fiasco against the Angels in the ALCS that led to Chicago winning game 2 of that series. Then in game two of the World Series, there was the Jermaine Dye strikeout that wasn't which loaded the bases and made way for a Paul Konerko grand slame. Now, Major League Baseball itself is giving the pale hose a very big assist. I mean, honestly, c'mon! What the hell is the bloody point of homefield advantage if you can't govern your own ballpark the way you want it to? And why only now is this a problem??? A closed dome at Minute Maid Park gives that Astros quite an edge which, you know, any home team is deserving of. Crowd noise levels, you see. Cripes, it's retarded. I really do hope that Houston wins tonight. I can't decide which I'm more disbelieving of: Scott Podsednik's walk off homer in game 2 (he had 0 home runs all season) or Brad Lidge giving up the winning home run in two consecutive appearances. Unbelievable. If Lidge blows game three tonight, keep him away from sharp objects and anything he can hang himself with.

I will say this, the White Sox are looking pretty good (even without the dubious umpiring) and to their credit, White Sox Fan has been a class act this post season. Let us not forget that the White Sox World Series drout has lasted longer than that of the Boston Red Sox. But you'd never know that unless you looked it up because Boston fans are extremely obnoxious and whine constantly. It's almost funny to see how upset they get losing to the Yankees. Then it becomes completely unfunny after the constant complaining and bitching. What am I saying here? I'm saying that Red Sox fan is a petulant child and sets a poor example for others. So, White Sox Fan, if you lose, don't be Red Sox fan. I mean, after all, MLB is going out of their way to practically give you this World Series. Okay, I've said my piece. Let's see a comeback here. Go Astros.

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