Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bustin' makes me feel good 

Sadly, friends, this post has nothing to do with Ghostbusters. Someone just happened to be playing the theme song this morning and now it's stuck in my head. Worse things have been known to happen.

Oh irony of ironies. One of the original Crips gang members is being put to death in spite of being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in trying to quell the monster that he created. Hey, you reap what you sow. Personally, I think it's the Nobel committee that is a little off-base here.

One month since the Gaza pullout and, as you can plainly see, "they" are receptive to notions of peace. My ass. Shouldn't surprise anyone.

The Houston Astros are just tragic. What an agonizing affair it must be to be a fan of them during this series. Last night, once again, they wasted several opportunities and left the door open for the ChiSox. But really, though, I thought the wheels fell off the confidence-mobile when Roy Oswalt had that five-run meltdown in the fifth inning. Chicago's up 3-0. Uh, yeah, this one's on ice.

Saw North Country last night. I'll be shocked -- flabergasted, even -- if my luck dragon, Charlize, doesn't pull down her second Oscar for this performance. Granted, the Academy may want someone else to have it, but there are no other contenders out there (that I've seen, at least) who match up with Theron. The movie is great, by the way. It's relieving because after seeing the trailer, I have to admit that my initial reaction was much the same as Alex's. But the story is so grounded and handled with such... I guess the appropriate phrase for this film would be "brutal care." Seems as though it was just a bad trailer. North Country certainly appeals to a nitch, but it shouldn't be pigeon-holed. The performances are excellent across the board -- Frances McDormand (envoking her Marge Gunderson accent), Sean Bean (even while desperately trying to repress his British accent) et al. Some really harsh material in here. It seems as though director Niki Caro was intent on cramming in so much abuse towards the women that you ended up feeling like one of them. Mission accomplished (did I just say I feel like a woman? dismiss that). I thought the flashback scenes were expertly handled in as much as they conveyed everything necessary to the story with little-to-no-dialogue. Asa pretty much hit it on the head last night, saying that he could only stand so much abuse and torment before wishing and hoping against hope that the film would reach it's eventual climax in the courtroom. That's about it for criticism, though. Very well done. If you're a crier, bring some tissues.

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