Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I do not have a luck dragon 

I just recently watched The Neverending Story for the first time in many ages. It's actually quite alarming how much of that film I remember. I mean, vividly remember. And my lord, is that little loser Bastian just the most pathetic, irritating child! Wow... Anyway, this movie, as many of you know, features Falcor the luck dragon. Falcor's all kinds of fucked up, but it got me to thinking, "Hey, where's my luck dragon? WTF?" I could really stand to have one. These ebbs are all too frequent and as a result amplify even the most trivial flows... sometimes. Mostly, there are just no flows lately (although these past couple weekends have been kicking ass). I bet a luck dragon would rectify that right quick. And I know who I want as my luck dragon: Charlize Theron. So that I can ride her. Screw this "Falcor" bullshit. I don't need a giant pearl-encrusted dragon with a dog's head giving me surreptitious winks and insinuating that he took advantage of me while I was passed out. I need Charlize. Not in Falcor-form, mind you. Just as she is. So that I may ride her. I sure would feel luckier.

Incidentally, I'm catching an advance screening of North Country tonight. Free Charlize? My luck is changing already.

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