Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm so retarded 

I mean, honestly, this is a total brain-fart. Though a brain-fart with good intentions, we're talking 'gurgling twat' status here. I donated blood earlier this afternoon. Sounds great, right? Yeah. Doing a good thing, helping out, "pitching in," yada yada... Guess what starts at sundown? That's right, folks. Yeah, somehow that slipped my mind until only after I was done donating. It's the holy day of atonement when nobody smiles or dances or is laughs about anything. Well, maybe not that extreme, but anyway, you fast on Yom Kippur. 25 hours with no food or water. What's the first thing they tell you after you donate blood? Plenty of fluids. They also load you up with cookies and crackers before sending you on your merry way. Only within the last hour have I not felt at all woosy. I mean, I've been fine the whole day, but my condition this afternoon probably would've meant some serious torture if put through a fast. So I've been stuffing myself all day with what I'm sure will be an unsatisfying dinner still to come before evening services. But hey, at least I donated blood. One of my co-workers (the blood drive is being held in the parking lot of our offices) got rejected because her blood levels were low. You know? 'Cause she was on her period. I made sure to "rag" her about that one. Get it? Get it?! Ahh forget you. Another co-worker got shot down because he was gay. So, you know, there's that whole thing. I was almost excused because I've been to/lived in Africa, but apparently South Africa doesn't yet qualify as one of the tainted countries like Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria and other central African nations. It's only a matter of time before that changes, sadly.

In summation, I hope I don't die tomorrow from lack of fluids thanks to my generosity with plasma. I like that word. Plasma. It's so cool.

Hockey game was awesome last night. Kings 3 Oilers 1. Strong effort from LA. Sean Avery is quickly skyrocketing up my list of favorite players. All you need to do is see this guy play once and you'll be sold. He's like a 5'9" pitbull whose motor is running 100 mph all game. Love it! Since these tickets are through a business, the seats appear to be changing, so last night's were actually better than Sunday.

Also, Israel got the shaft in World Cup Qualifying today, losing out to Switzerland on goal differential. Argh! That's agonizing. Also, we had to rely on puny Cyprus to get at least a draw in Paris and we all knew that wasn't happening. So close.

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