Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"I've got ten tickets!" 

I gleefully spat out that exclamation upon receiving ten free tickets to LA Kings games. I was happier than a retard drenched in his own urine. Only, you know, cleaner. Anyway, I'm using up the second of those ten tonight against Edmonton. Can't wait. The first happened this past Sunday in a thrilling 2-1 OT win against Minnesota. It was awesome. These seats are freaking sick! Only eight rows from the ice. Better seats, in fact, than Kiefer Sutherland who was sitting ten rows behind us. After the game he and I got loaded and I told him that the Kings' win was more intense than any episode of 24 I'd ever seen. He readily agreed.* The man is loves his hockey. Dudes! Sean Avery burying a Wild player into China! Pavol Demitra's game-winner! Can't wait for tonight.

Hockey was half the reason I have no idea why the crap anything in football went down the way it did on Sunday (the Eagles shitting the bed, the Falcons only losing to New England on a last second field goal despite playing without Michael Vick...). The other half being that epic 18-inning Astros/Braves game 4, which I watched with friends in it's entirety. Best game ever? Could be.

Also, how cool is the little African nation of Togo? They declared yesterday a national holiday so that the country could celebrate it's qualification for the 2006 World Cup, it's first ever appearance on the world stage. Nice. I'm rooting for 'em.

Maybe I've got more to say, but I just want to leave work right now. Out!

*Didn't actually speak with Kiefer, though he was impressed with my kick ass seats. Also, some poor shlub totally tripped down the stairs during intermission and smashed his head on the handrailing. Felt bad for him. But like a trooper, he watched the rest of his game with his family while sporting an ice pack on his head. No doubt, he has a concussion.

Hey....great account and great sighting.

But at least is it true that you got loaded with kiefer? ;))
Oh yeah! For sure. Me and Kief had a little contest to see who could drink the other under the table the fastest. After 14 shots, we called it a draw.
Lol.....c'mon, you're teasing us again, but it's funny...bless you :))
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