Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lately, Lincoln, I been thinkin' 

Some links to things that you should like because they are good and will make you better at everything. Also they're my friends and they are awesome.

- Some good ol' Kansas City folk have assembled The Atrox. It will make you laugh and possibly cry (but that's only if you're really disturbed anyway). Quality stuff. You may even catch my gruesome mug floating around there from time to time.

- You like music? Maureen McGinnis! A singer, songwriter, master pianist extraordinaire for your pleasure, ladies and germs. She's just great.

- More music? Here's new indie rock outfit Sam Champion. Yes, they're named after the NYC weatherman. And yes, they sound a bit like Pavement. But don't tell them that because most every music critic already has. They're good, though, for those post-college-I-only-live-to-drink days.

- Lastly, my friend Alison Kudlow is quite the artist. I linked to her site a little while back, but I don't think I mentioned. So here it is. Enjoy, people!

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