Monday, October 03, 2005

Laziness: It's great 

The last time I left you all, I was sickly and losing my mind at a rapid pace. Fortunately, I'm over that wretched cold. Twelve hours of sleep on Friday night went a long way, believe me. Something new that I realized while sick this weekend is that if I have a cold or my nasal cavity is stuffed up so I have to breathe through my mouth, I'm a drooling machine. Seriously, I woke up a few times in the early morning because the dampness I felt on my cheek that I thought was my sweating out a fever was streaking down the side of my face. Just a heads up, ladies. Although, if I'm sick, know that I'd be curtious enough to tell you.

So the laziness of Friday night and all of Saturday payed off and tomorrow it continues thanks to Rosh Hashanah which actually starts tonight. That means I get to say, "Fuck you, work!" and throw my hands up in the air while everyone pretends things will be different for the next twelve months because there is a different number on the calendar. Happy new year, everyone.

I saw Serenity last night and have very mixed feelings about that. But that write-up will have to wait until I have more time. So...

Quick football bullet points:

- What happened to the Patriots??? They got steamrolled in the second half and the Chargers offense could do no wrong. Injuries may finally be catching up with the Pats and both Tom Brady and Corey Dillon are missing the play-calling of Charlie Weis in a big BIG way.

- Mike Tice should be fired now. I mean, NOW. Vikings, to no surprise, got trampled by Atlanta even though Michael Vick barely even played. What?! They should be ashamed. Daunte Culpepper got sacked nine (9!) times yesterday and turned the ball over three times. This team is awful.

- Conversely, Philadelphia is awesome. What a character-building win against the Chiefs. Down 24-6 and then just rolling to a win. The Eagles are still firmly my Superbowl pick.

- Raiders won! Told you so! Gotta love that goal line defense and it's good to see LaMont Jordan finally break out. Dallas is overrated. Raiders get a week off before playing suddenly scary San Diego (who finally realized that Tomlinson is the only reason they win).

- Color me wrong about Denver. I'm impressed with the way they beat Jacksonville. I don't get it.

- Color everyone stunned by Washington. Has there ever been a more flimsy looking 3-0 team before? Yesterday's three point OT win was their largest margin of victory this season. What?! Their defense is awesome, though.

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