Saturday, October 29, 2005

Somebody's getting maaaaaarrried 

No, not me. Why would you ever think that? I'm in Phoenix for a wedding, though. A spooky wedding. Last night, during festivities, I drank from a margarita fountain. Yes. Think on that one for a moment. Cross another off my "things to do list."

Week 8 picks

San Diego over Kansas City - Chargers are the best 3-4 team in history.
Oakland over Tennessee - Raiders defensive backs have been ravaged. Tennessee just lost to the Cardinals.
Dallas over Arizona
NY Giants over Washington
Cincinnati over Green Bay (BB)
Carolina over Minnesota
Chicago over Detroit - Bears whipped Detroit 38-6 last time they played.
New Orleans over Miami - Probably the hardest game to predict this week. I'll give the Saints the "Baton Rouge edge."
Houston over Cleveland - The Texans have to win some time. This is their best shot. I'm playing the odds.
Tampa Bay over San Francisco - The Bucs are without Brian Griese and probably Cadillac Williams, too. They still win. (BB)
Philadelphia over Denver - Best game of the week.
Jacksonville over St. Louis
New England over Buffalo

Monday Night Game
Pittsburgh oer Baltimore - Lock of the week. (BB)

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