Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Watchin' the tee vee 

Currently on the tube and channeled through my eyes...

Arrested Development -- Best show on television. Period. Bob Loblaw? Analrapist? The Surrogate? For British Eyes Only? The writers of this show are the best in all the land.

Curb Your Enthusiasm -- 2nd best comedy on television. Even after five seasons, I continue to love Larry David more and more with each passing episode. The man's a comic genius without question.

Extras -- In my opinion, episode 2, while funny, pales to the first installment for one reason: Ben Stiller just isn't that funny. The whole of a show really suffers when it limps out on a weak note. Aside from Stiller, some great stuff.

The Office (U.S.) -- Lately, been making me laugh more than Scrubs. How about that? Maybe Zach Braff has worn thin on me? That and I can't stop thinking about what an asshole people say he is when I see him on-screen. Full-on diva, so they say.

My Name is Earl -- If I ever got a dog of my own, I'd name it "Earl." I think it's the perfect male dog name. This show is so-so and at times really weak. Damn my fondness for Jason Lee.

Rome -- I like this show bunches, even if it's completely farcical at times. Nevermind all the gratuitous tit and wing-wang, I'm in it for the plotting and the melodrama! That and Roman "Riggs and Murtah."

Lost -- New episode tonight! Woot! I thought last week was somewhat of a letdown until the final scene when Michael and Sawyer reach the island and Jin frantically shows up, bound and freaked out. I didn't appreciate the filler of the Locke/Kate story either. In fact, I call bullshit on it. "Bullshit!"

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