Friday, October 14, 2005

Yeah, I'm still alive. What of it?! 

New rule. No one can ask me any of the following questions until further notice:

How's work going?

What's new at work?

How was work today?

You happy at work?

You like your co-workers?

Any promotions on the horizon?

Good day at work?

How far are you from your goals in life?

And such and such. These will not be tolerated. Be warned that I will physically hurt you if any of these are directed my way. Today can kiss my sweet, delicious ass.

I survived the fast no problem. I atoned the shit out of yesterday, but early returns suggest it was all for naught. See above about not asking.

Here are your Sunday winners:
Kansas City
Atlanta (BB)
New England
San Diego
Seattle (BB)
Indianapolis (BB)

I'll be betting on some of these games because in about a half hour I'll be on the road to Vegas. I can't get out of this Van Nuys shithole fast enough. If I'm lucky, I'll be there by eleven. If I'm really lucky, I'll flip my car. Lick my balls, Life. This weekend, I'm drinking with a mission. Believe me, I'm under no illusions that this will cure any problems.

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