Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Jimmy Walker used to say "Dy-no-MITE" 

That's right.

Be warned. Here-in is talk of the NFL and college hoops.

Part of Turkey Day involves football. Mmm... football. Tough slate, this week 12.

Atlanta wins at Detroit -- Wouldn't be surprised if Atlanta got blown out. They're just that unpredictable.
Denver over Dallas -- Should be an excellent game between two teams I hate. Mike Shanahan is angling for coach of the year with Denver.

Cincinnati over Baltimore -- The safest pick out there, but the Ravens just beat Pittsburgh and Cincy may get caught looking ahead. (BB)
Oakland over Miami -- Love this game for the Raiders. Oh by the way, who called the upset over Washington last week? Thank you very much. (BB)
San Diego over Washington -- Speaking of the Redskins, they lose at home again this week and sink below .500 against maybe the best team in history that may not make the playoffs. Chargers are scary good, but the AFC is loaded this year and the schedule is not in their favor.
Jacksonville over Arizona -- One of the teams the Chargers are chasing in the wild card hunt is Jacksonville who should sweep aside the Cardinals with relative ease. (BB)
Chicago over Tampa Bay -- Very intriguing NFC matchup between two lame offenses. Bears have the best defense in the league. They win away.
Carolina over Buffalo -- Buffalo is tough at home, but the Panthers need to rebound from last weeks' L.
Kansas City over New England -- I've flip-flopped on this one all day. I'm going with Larry "211 yards" Johnson at home over the Patriots' 3-4 defense.
Minnesota over Cleveland -- This is a really tough game to call, too. Going with the suddenly .500 Vikings at home as they realize they amazingly still have a shot at the playoffs.
St. Louis over Houston -- I'd love to pick the Texans here, but just can't. Don't be shocked if they beat the Bulger-less Rams.
NY Giants over Seattle -- Sunday's marquee game. I think the Giants get their road act together and surprise perennial paper-tiger Seattle and MVP (at this point) Shaun Alexander.
Tennessee over San Francisco -- Umm... decidedly not the marquee game this week.
New Orleans over NY Jets -- Ew!
Philadelphia over Green Bay -- Eagles don't need McNabb and Owens for this one.

Monday Night:
Indianapolis over Pittsburgh -- If Roethlisberger isn't 100%, I don't think the Steelers have it in them. Colts remain unbeaten in a stellar matchup that may be marred by injury.

The Maui Invitational has definitely lived up to it's billing. I'm sorry I missed it, but the highlights to Gonzaga/Michigan State make it look like an instant classic. Triple OT! Adam Morrison! Perhaps the best player in the nation. Suddenly, people are warming up to those Larry Bird comparisons.

Arizona needs to improve it's shooting. No way around it. If they play the entire game like they did the first 15 minutes of the 2nd half, they run UConn off the floor. Poor shot selection hurt us against Kansas, but our defense was stellar. Last night against the Huskies, our defense was pretty good, forcing a lot of turnovers, but the offense was never able to convert on the other end. On paper, UConn is the better team regardless, but the Wildcats really should've done better. At any rate, we had another shot tonight against Michigan State (who looked much improved since their surprising blowout loss to Hawaii) and bit it in OT. Unfortunately, I only got home in time to catch the last minute and change when freshman Marcus Williams (not to be confused with UConn's suspended PG of the same name) missed to free throws to tie the game. Ugh. So that puts UofA at 1-2 on the young season, but at least those three games were against elite competition (even if Kansas is supposedly down this year) and that'll payoff come March. Seriously, though, shooting has to get better. Very much looking forward to the race in the Pac 10 this season between Arizona, UCLA, and Stanford.

My preliminary Sweet 16 --
1 Seeds:
Michigan State

2 Seeds:

3 Seeds:
Boston College
Wake Forest

4 Seeds
West Virginia

I would've picked Villanova to be national champions, but it looks like Curtis Sumpter might miss the whole season. So who knows who'll win. It's a monkey banana raffle.

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