Friday, November 18, 2005

A lot going on 

Thank someone it's Friday. Looking to blow off some steam this weekend. Couple of pa-par-pahtays this evening and, of course, Mayday screening tomorrow night.

Last night's Kings game was awesome, but nerve-wracking. We were blowing out Vancouver 5-1 in the third and final period, but just barely held on for a 5-4 win. Alex Frolov with three assists, baby.

I truly believe that the near total collapse in the third period was brought on by the unwanted presence of some fucktards who swooped down into some empty seats directly in front of us. I don't mind that by itself. Claiming some awesome seats after being planted in the nose-bleeds is a smart choice. But these guys... The "cool" skater types that make love to their cell phones and drink cheap beer like it's wine. And they were DUMB. I mean really dumb. They kept standing up while yacking on the phone, trying to get their friend, Russell's, attention. Russell has to be a fucking moron because he never did find these two twits. The blabber went something like this --

Duder: (standing and waving -- game is on by the way) Russell! Russell, yo!
Braaa: Hey, is that Russell on the phone?!
Duder: Russell!
Braaa: Duder, tell him we're in the bottom section.
Duder: Russell, yo! Dude!

And it went on like that for what seems like forever. And fucking Russell never did join these two twats (who later got into a shouting match with Joshua Jackson* of Dawson's Creek fame). I actually hope that he spotted his two friends and then as he was motoring down the stairs, he tripped, tumbled horribly and broke his collarbone. Serves him right. Hey, Russell! Fuck you, buddy!

*Jackson was wearing a Vancouver Canucks jersey with the name "Jackson" embroidered on the back of it. Boo! Poor fame, Pacey.

What else? Oh, Al-Zarqawi shows his ability to make allies and curry sympathy. And Wal-Mart -- heartless, evil monsters that they are -- get fucked right in the ass and deservedly so. No surprise that they'd skimp out on pay and hire freaking illegals.

Everybody likes football. Week 11:
Giants waste the McNabb-less Eagles
Denver mauls the Jets (BB)
San Diego over Buffalo
Carolina wins a good one over Chicago
Raiders upset the Redskins -- I have an unfounded feeling about this one
Browns beat the Miami in a stinker
Atlanta over Tampa Bay in a battle of "who the hell knows which teams will show up"
Dallas over Detroit
Pittsburgh over Baltimore
Jacksonville over Tennessee
Rams kill Arizona
Colts narrowly over Cincinnati in the game of the week
Patriots crunch New Orleans
Seattle routs San Fran (BB)
KC rips Houston (BB)
Packers over Minnesota on a dog of a Monday night game

Seeing the new Harry Potter tomorrow. If it's as good as Azkaban, I'll be pleased.

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