Thursday, November 17, 2005


In case you somehow inexplicably fell through the cracks of my networking reach and are living in the Los Angeles area, check this shit out.

Hwey guys!

Mayday is back again, so please join us for a lovely evening of booze and rapid filmmaking. And me... 'Cause you love me. You love what I do for you.

15 movies, all in competition and NO LONGER THAN 8 MINUTES EACH, all titled Yellow Hammer or some clever variation thereof, and all ready for the big screening. These films are so delicious. Mmm... oh God, they taste like Yellow Hammer! Hot. All total, these 15 shorts add up to just one measly feature that you'd normally pay through the nose for. Value!

This Saturday - Nov. 19
Doors open at 8 pm, Films start at 8:30pm

Elm Loft
2808 Elm St. Los Angeles CA 90065
You could map this address on Yahoo if you desired.

All 15 Mayday films will be screened, then there will be voting and prizes (filmmaking stuff! video games!) awarded. There will also be a donation bar, featuring Vampire wines, so you can get really drunk before voting. Democracy!

If you made a Mayday film then well let you in free. If not then it costs $3, which is to cover the cost of our new, larger venue. And really, you can spare $3.

So come on out, party hard, enjoy some great movies, and live life like you're gonna die, because at midnight we lock all the doors and turn into vampires. And you love supporting me. You love it so much! See you Saturday at 8pm at the Elm Loft.

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