Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Serious links that are fun! 

Hey, do me a favor and check out the following websites. Even better, after you've enjoyed them, enjoy them again and spread the word to all of your cyberspace contacts. It'll be so freaking sweet! You'd be doing me a serious solid. Seriously.

First up, we have Product Invasion. Want a glimpse into how filthy the networks are when it comes to schilling products during shows? Go here. Want some insight on the reality tv "frankenbite?" You could make your own, yo! Some very funny stuff. Product placement is such a monster. It's ruining our lives in a very real 1950s sci-fi kind of way. Check out some of the bullshit story editors have to go through to putting together an episode

The centerpiece of the site, though, is the awesome Subservient Donald. Anyone remember the "subservient chicken" website from years back that shredded Burger King? Same thing here. Only with Donald Trump as your dancing monkey. You can command him to do all kinds of crap. Some fun ones include flexing, air guitar, monkey, dance, marry me, fly, show chest, scream, clean table, and sing. Loads more, too. Honestly, you could spend so much time on this thing. Consider it better than your job.

Thanks, fellow duders. The success of these sites is tied to my well-being.

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