Monday, November 07, 2005

Story of the year? 

Quite possibly - wait, no - definitely my favorite football-related story. Possibly ever. I guess this is why we have cheerleaders... to perpetuate lewd fantasies. What's especially hilarious is that now the Carolina Panthers website has virtually shutdown.

Amazingly enough, one day removed from Mayday madness, I am feeling pretty lucid. Napped for a couple hours in the afternoon, then got a good eight hours later that night. My cogent state is almost entirely thanks to VAMP NRG drink. I swear, I should be getting paid by those guys. Team Lower Gatsby's production of Yellow Hammer (Yeah... the possible titles submitted were really weak this time around. Thanks, Melissa Joan Hart. PS - I love you, Clarissa.), all-in-all, turned out pretty well and I truly think that our friend Alexandra is deserving of one of the performance prizes. But, as has always been the case, we at TLG are completely retarded when it comes to managing time. In a masochistic way, that's sort of how we like it. Screening is in two weeks. Good times.

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