Friday, November 11, 2005

A travesty of a tragedy of an outcry. 

What a shame. Fare ye well, Best Show on Television. I will miss you. Fortunately, your ever-loving, warming glow can live on through magical DVD. However, that won't change the fact that your dismissal has left me cold and dead inside. Well, partially because of your dismissal...

For you lot who are too stupid to click on the link, I'm talking about Arrested Development's shortened season/cancellation. It's bullshit. But it's business...

This post is for British Eyes Only.

Week 10: Rocking this shit so hard. 11-3 last week and 3-0 on best bets, pumping the season record to 73-33, 18-6. Your winners for Sunday --

Detroit - Cardinals on the road? Yeah right.
Jacksonville - Even with Kyle Boller back, Baltimore is overmatched.
Indianapolis - A mortal lock against Houston. Best vs Worst. (BB)
Kansas City - No Priest Holmes? No problem. Larry Johnson runs wild in Buffalo.
NY Giants - Minnesota sucks. (BB)
New England - Pats rebound in Miami. They have too much pride to fold after Monday.
Chicago - I love what the Bears are putting together this season.
Denver - Go Raiders!
Carolina - Jets suck. (BB)
Atlanta - Packers suck.
Seattle - Should be a good test at home against the Rams, but not too troublesome.
Washington - Chris Simms is the QB in Tampa. 'Nuff said.
Pittsburgh - Even with the injuries, still like them over Cleveland.
Philadelphia - Strange how I feel like I'm making an upset pick here over Dallas.

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