Saturday, November 05, 2005

We interrupt Mayday for this important announcement... 

Arizona is completely whipping the living crap out of unbeaten UCLA!! The score, right now, is 45-7 midway through the third quarter! AHHHH!!! I'm busting, here. BUSTING! Forget the fact that the Wildcats will finish with a losing record, forget that we're destroying UCLA right now... this is our Rose Bowl. Oh, man. Love it. What a sweet revenge for 1998, too, when UofA's only loss was to freaking UCLA. If not for that loss, who knows, maybe the Cats could've won the national title or at least played in the Rose Bowl. Ah... loving this. There will be no Bruin comeback tonight.

Okay. Back to Mayday madness and more guzzling of VAMP NRG drinks!

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