Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Weather Man and more! 

Movie review light...

Saw The Weather Man last Friday afternoon to kill some time before wedding festivities turning my weekend into a drunken blur. It's good... eventually. A very slow burn, but once it gets rolling, you're with it. Interesting character piece. The first half of the movie, however, is fairly dull and had me thinking, "Shit... how'd they ever greenlight this?" Not bad, though. Cage does a fine job. The subtle points of his relationship with his father pay off really well. Oh, and there's a camel-toe montage. Go ahead, call me a liar. It's totally there.

SMRT-TV has a new installment for very depraved eyes. It's very TV-y as I'm sure you could deduce.

10-4 footballing this week. Silly to have picked Tampa as a best bet given I knew all their injuries and Carolina and Dallas were staring me in the face. Some brief bits from week 8:
- Wow. Steelers squeaked by last night. Baltimore showed up to play.
- Eagles? What's happening? Jekyll/Hyde from week-to-week.
- Raiders win again! Yay! Only a game under .500 with KC coming up next week. You never know...
- Houston finally won. You heard it here, first.
- Culpepper out for the year. Doesn't matter. Vikings are awful.
- Brett Favre threw 5 picks on Sunday. It's the third time this season Cincinnati has forced a QB to throw 5 interceptions in a game (Harrington and Orton the previous two). Love that NFC North. Amazing the Bengals didn't win by more than 7.
- The Giants single-handedly halted any talk of Mark Brunell being MVP. That was something.

Did you know the NBA tips off tonight? Well, it does.

Couple of tantalizing baseball general managers available. Paul DePodesta (after the Dodgers flubbed their moneyball plan -- it takes a couple years to execute, dummies) and Theo Epstein. Not re-signing him may doom the Red Sox for another 86 years.

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