Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wow... that was awkward. 

My boss just asked me what a MILF is. My boss is a 69-year-old grandmother. I, of course, told her what it meant.



Dirt... won't... come off!

In other news, I voted yesterday because voting is fun and makes you feel like a good person. A productive, contributing member of society, even. Happily enough, all eight of Arnie's props went down in flames. Wait, I'm confused. You mean the system works? Huh.

I meant to post my reaction to the huge Colts/Patriots Monday Night Football game yesterday, but, for whatever reason, didn't. SO, here it is:

This was a loaded game, psychologically, if ever there was one. First off, count me in the camp of those who have always doubted the Colts primarily because they were 1) soft 2) mediocre on defense and -- most improtantly -- 3) they couldn't win a meaningful game on the road, especially against New England. Though it is just the regular season, I think the Colts turned a corner last night. Winning (and winning BIG) at New England -- even if the Pats are down this season -- was probably their biggest "yeah they're good, but..." It does wonders for Indy's confidence and, simultaneously, will cause the Patriots to do some serious soul-searching. Given, this isn't the team that won Superbowls -- they no longer have either coordinators and injuries have taken their toll -- but they certainly had the mental edge over the Colts before last night.

In three weeks time, Colts vs Steelers (also beat up) on Monday Night. Should be a good one and perhaps the last hurdle for Indy before wrapping up homefield advantage through out the playoffs. It's remarkable, too, that last night was the first (I think, possibly the second) time that Manning has thrown for 300+ yards this year. That means what? That the running game is as strong as ever (balance!) and the defense is stellar.

The way it looks right now, midway through the year, the Colts have absolutely no excuse for not winning the Superbowl. Here's why:

1) They have supreme talent at their prime -- Manning, James, Harrison, Freeney, etc.
2) The rest of the AFC is beat up
3) The NFC is lousy
4) The Superbowl will be played under a dome this year (Detroit)

If the Colts fail to win the big prize this season, they're a failure. They are clearly head and shoulders above the rest.

I had said before that the Eagles were going to win the Superbowl contingent on Terrell Owens' behavior. Well, needless to say, I'm revoking that prediction. Don't feel bad for T.O. He did it to himself. He deserves all the flak he's getting right now.

One last note, Lakers won again last night. Woo! Granted, they beat the Hawks, but LA hasn't won in Atlanta for five years. Can you believe that?!

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