Monday, December 05, 2005

Bertha Chudfarter's Grandma 

If you read only one open letter to Larry The Cable Guy in the next ten minutes, make sure it's this one. A must for David Cross fans.

This weekend was fun, eventful, tragic, and very tiring. And hey, I'll talk about it later.

I now light a candle in memory of what would have been a fantastic concert by the Wrens at the Troubadour this past Saturday which I would've attended were I not ruined.

College basketball: Washington/Gonzaga last night was awesome. Even in the loss, GU's Adam Morrison looks amazing. Another 43-point night from him. Don't talk to me about Arizona getting upset at Houston. Finally, fuck Duke.

College football: Now that's what you call "anti-climactic." I think both UCLA and Colorado are still waiting for their team bus to take them to the game. USC and Texas should be an unreal national championship game. B(C)S bowl predictions:
Rose Bowl, USC v Texas -- USC
Sugar Bowl, Georgia v West Virginia -- who cares?
Fiesta Bowl, Notre Dame v Ohio State -- so what?
Orange Bowl, Penn State v Florida State -- does it matter?

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