Friday, December 16, 2005

Chargers vs Colts 

I've been saying for the last month or so, right around when Indy was 8-0, that this game would be the one where they fall. San Diego matches up incredibly well with the Colts and can beat any team on their day. However, last week's absolutely stunning loss to Miami has instilled some doubt in me about the Chargers' ability to win this game. That Dolphin loss pegs SD back in the AFC wild card chase, adding a little more pressure to an already tense affair (we know the Colts want that perfect 16-0). Having been caught looking ahead against Miami, will the Chargers be completely able to focus on the task at hand? Or will last Sunday's L haunt them? Really, I truly believe that this is the game Indy needs to be concerned about, not Seattle. I really really really do want to pick SD, but that inexplicable Dolphin's loss is telling me that I can't quite do it. Win this game, and the Colts have their perfect season all but locked up. Again, I don't think they'll have as much trouble with Seattle next week as they will against San Diego on Sunday. Show me your lightning bolts!

The other intriguing games:
New England over Tampa Bay - Homefield for the Pats helps a ton.
NY Giants over Kansas City - Again, homefield the big difference and KC won't be able to slow the offense of my pick for NFC champ.
Dallas over Washington - Must win for Dallas
Pittsburgh over Minnesota - Vikings hot streak comes to an end at home, even if Big Ben is hurt.
Chicago over Atlanta - The Falcons are pretenders.

The blowouts:
Cincinnati over Detroit (BB)
Seattle over Tennessee (BB)
Carolina over New Orleans (BB)
Denver over Buffalo

Playing out the schedule:
Arizona over Houston
Oakland over Cleveland - Go, you futile Raiders, go!
Miami over NY Jets
Philadelphia over St. Louis
Baltimore over Green Bay - Your Monday Night game, folks. Weep.

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