Friday, December 02, 2005

Don't have too much fun, you ass 

I have to get up at five in the morning tomorrow for a six o'clock call time for a short film shoot. Sunday too. Probably next weekend as well. Maybe the week after? And that'd be mostly okay if I wasn't getting out of work early today so that everyone in the office has time to prep for our annual holiday party tonight. Yeah, there'll be an open bar. Of course there will. Why wouldn't there be? How else would be the fates be able to stamp their "cruel factor" on the evening if I weren't forced to maintain sobriety at an open bar on a Friday night with a bunch of friends? Lovely. If I'm going to be able to function at all tomorrow, I'll need to be cashed out by 12:30a.m. at the latest. Lame.

Week 13 winners:

(The great games)
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati - Steelers beat 'em in Cincy. Why not in Pittsburgh?
NY Giants over Dallas - Should be tough and gritty.
Denver over Kansas City - Broncos win this and they have a bye virtually locked up.
Carolina over Atlanta - Panthers' offense returns this week.

(The other games)
Arizona over San Francisco - Ew!
Patriots over NY Jets - Duh. (BB)
Indy over Tennessee - Lock of the week. (BB)
Minnesota over Detroit - Doesn't matter who the Lions' coach is.
Chicago over Green Bay - Could get ugly.
Washington over St. Louis - Virtual elimination game in the NFC playoff race.
Jacksonville over Cleveland - No Leftwich? No problem.
Miami over Buffalo - No thanks.
Baltimore over Houston - Ick.
Tampa over New Orleans - Should be an easy win for the Bucs. (BB)
San Diego over Oakland - Raiders get run over by LT.
Seattle over Philly - Eagles have a shot at home on Monday night, but come up short.

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