Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm watching Simpsons dvds at work 

Yup. Right now. Some days are indeed better than others. Before I continue, I just wanted to mention a couple things.

1. Brokeback Mountain is a great film. I mean, a great film. Excellent. I had no expectations walking into the theater and was quite surprised. They really earn that love story. They work for it. And by the end, you realize it isn't possible to doubt it for a second. Great performances by the two leads as well as Michelle Williams in an under-appreciated role. The only criticism I have of the movie is the supposed "aging" of Ledger and Gyllenhall. I suppose it's a little tough to convey the progression from a man's mid-twenties to his late thirties/early fourties, but suspension of disbelief is relied on heavily here. For anyone too homophobic to see this, I have some good news: there are tits. A couple pairs. I think I fell in love with Anne Hathaway, too. Not just for her body, but her first appearance in the film. That red-clad cowgirl wink, smile, and shooting off on a horse bit? Yeah... I had no idea that did it for me. Another thing I quite suddenly found immensely appealing without ever thinking about it before was the idea of just roughing it in the mountains for a month, barefoot, catching fish for dinner with your bare hands, swapping stories and getting drunk off cheap whiskey. Just being hunter/gatherers. Men.


What? The photography is stunning! Tell me the same thoughts didn't pop into your head, too? You can't!

2. CD I cannot stop listening too for the past few days: "One Way Ticket to Hell and Back" by The Darkness. It's awesome! And it sounds so damn FULL! I think "Hazel Eyes" and "Is It Just Me?" are my two favorite tracks. I haven't head-banged in the car for quite a while.

3. Holy crap, I am SO addicted to Su Doku! You don't even understand! It's like numbers crack!

4. Boy, the Lakers sure are good at taking the wind out of their fans' collective sails. Since Kobe dropped 62 on Dallas, the Lake Show have contrived to blow three in a row. All of which, especially last night, should've been victories. Attention Lakers: Get your shit together. Can't just give games away and expect to make the playoffs.

On the bright side, the LA Kings are in the midst of a hot streak. I'm going to the game on 1/2 against first place Dallas. Should be fun.

5. I saw a billboard this morning that read, "Babies are born for breast milk." An ad sponsored by the breast-feeding awareness something or other. Really? They're not born for anything else? Man, that'll wake you up in the morning.

Okay... back to The Simpsons. I am so not coming in to work tomorrow.

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