Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's too early on a Saturday 

One of the perks about being Jewish during the Christmas holidays (apart from sleeping in, movies, and chinese food) is that you get to open your own airport shuttle service for your friends. "Jew Angeles' Finest Taxi Cab," I call it. I should really get one of those lamenated ID cards that cab drivers have, only with an unnecessarily long name full of consenants, and I don't speak English. Word.

I forgot most of the NFL was on Saturday this week.

Denver over Oakland - Grr. (BB)
Indy over Seattle - The Colts will relent if they're trailing in the 2nd half. If not, they're playing for James Dungy.
Jacksonville over Houston - Jags look very pedestrian w/o Leftwich. Should win this one, though, and sew up a playoff spot.
Cincinnati over Buffalo - 1st round bye still possible for the Bengals. (BB)
St. Louis over San Francisco - Alex Smith still hasn't thrown a touchdown pass. Ever.
San Diego over Kansas City - This is the best game of the week. Lots of reasons why KC could and should win (they're at home, Larry Johnson will be running on a 3-4 defense, Chargers could have a letdown after beating Indy last week), but I think SD will be desperate to remain tied with Pittsburgh and are the better team. Great matchup.
Pittsburgh over Cleveland - Won't be the walkover some think. Browns will give 'em a fight on defense. Especially with Big Ben still not 100%
Tampa Bay over Atlanta - I said it last week and I'll say it again: The Falcons are pretenders. Michael Vick doesn't deserve to be going to the Pro Bowl.
NY Giants over Washington - Eli Manning should be in the Pro Bowl. Giants win the division.
Carolina over Dallas - If not Eli, then certainly Drew Bledsoe in Dallas. Panthers put Dallas in a tough spot.
Miami over Tennessee - Someone has to win. May as well be the surprisingly resurgent (still playing for pride) Dolphins.
Philly over Arizona - Who cares?
New Orleans over Detroit - Ticket scalpers are jumping off of rooftops, they're so depressed. Ugly.
Chicago over Green Bay - Of course. I'm not about to run anyone out of their job, but Brett Favre is done. Sure, all the talent around him is injured, but he aged a lot this season.
Baltimore over Minnesota - Vikings in cold weather at night? Don't like it. Take suddenly electric Kyle Boller in this one.
New England over NY Jets - The monday nighter is my pick of the week. Pats are hitting their stride at the right time. They're still Indianapolis' biggest threat in the chase for the Superbowl. BB

Okay, I'm getting some more sleep.

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