Monday, December 12, 2005

I've done virtually nothing all day and I'm okay with that. 

This day is moving by a lot faster than one could imagine, which is strange because I've done little-to-nothing in the ways of productivity. Splendid. Such laziness can only be found on a Monday. So pleasant. And I couldn't really be bothered to lift a finger, right now. Though my mood at work has improved significantly over the last couple months, I'm still so jaded with this place. Our "holiday bonus" was another reminder of how pathetically cheap this multi-milliondollar shithole is. No cash bonus (again) to spend however we like (I could maybe use that extra 25 cents for an ice cream cone). Instead, we received these gawdy picnic coolers with the company logo smeared all over it. It sucks. Inside the cooler is a nice picnic blanket and two plastic wine glasses. But no wine. Not even Charles Shaw. That's great. Apathy is my friend.

Went to a couple of fun, festive holiday soirees and spent another darling weekend on set at Zombie High -- far less tiring, too. Looks like I'm all wrapped up with shooting and didn't know for sure until today. Meh, not like I won't see any of those people again. After all, I'm so damn popular and shit... or something... shut up.

Anyway, good times ahead. Lucky enough to have a free ticket for tomorrow night's midnight screening of King Kong. Then on Wednesday, I'm at Staples Center (performing live!) for the LA Kings/Washington Capitals game. Kings should roll 'em ("should"), but I'm looking forward to checking out Washington super rookie and potential NHL savior (along with Sidney Crosby), Alexander Ovechkin.

Tonight, I may check out a movie. Perhaps Narnia, perhaps something else. Know what's getting smoking hot reviews? Brokeback Mountain. "I wish I knew how to quit you," indeed.

Sad news for anyone who likes stand-up or comedy or has ever found anything to be funny ever. Richard Pryor died. Respect.

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