Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Just came back from the Kings game 

Fucking pathetic! We somehow contrived to lose 3-2 to bottom-feeding Washington. Up 2-1 in the third, the Caps tied it on a shorthander, then with a minute left went ahead permanently. That hurts. Gut shot, right there. And what's worse is that Washington deserved the win. The mopped the floor with us, physically, throughout the game and dominated possession in the final two periods. Kings' attack was completely non-existent in the third period. Again, pathetic. This team is in a pathetic funk. LA has dropped 5 of 7, including L's to lowly Chicago and now tonight against the really horrible Capitals. Tonight of all nights was a terrible game to lose as we had a chance to make up ground in the division on white-hot Dallas who lost earlier to Buffalo. But no. Blown opportunity. The Kings have "quick first round playoff exit" written all over them and it makes me want to puke because they've shown themselves earlier this season to be better than that and certainly are capable of more. I'm still blown away by how meek our checking was and how Washington followed through hard on every single hit. Embarrassing. Soft. Weak. Oh, and Alexander Ovechkin definitely lives up to the hype. Amazing puck-handler with unreal strength in possession. He had an assist tonight on Washington's opening goal and, to my surprise, was laying the wood often -- especially in the first period -- laying soft, passive Kings defenders out all over. Ovechkin's not that big a bruiser.

Memo to the Kings: Get your shit together. You're embarrassing me, right now.

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