Friday, December 30, 2005

Monetary gain 

Football has been relatively good to me this season. I just won my fantasy football league, netting a couple hundred bucks, and have made it to the final three in a weekly pool which would land me significantly more than a couple hundred bucks. Ah yes, it's going well. Who doesn't like money, anyway? Communists! That's who! Well, except for the corrupt ones... which is all of them.

Week 17 - that last week of the season where but a few teams have anything at stake.

San Diego over Denver
NY Giants over Oakland - the season mercifully ends for the Raiders. (BB)
Indy over Arizona
Baltimore over Cleveland - how 'bout that Kyle Boller, eh?
Buffalo over NY Jets
Carolina over Atlanta
Kansas City over Cincinnati
Pittsburgh over Detroit (BB)
Tampa Bay over New Orleans (BB)
New England over Miami
Seattle over Green Bay - Brett Favre is so over.
Houston over San Francisco - The Reggie Bush bowl!
Jacksonville over Tennessee
Chicago over Minnesota
Washington over Philadelphia
Dallas over St. Louis

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