Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Zombie Holiday 

Maybe there should be an official "zombie holiday." A day for revelling in all things zombie. So that when the eventual Hallmarkification of zombie holiday arrives, those of us already sick of zombies may be pushed further into apathy's direction and perhaps finally end it all. Grim, huh? Yeah, I don't want a zombie holiday either.

Anyway, that was a retarded way to start things out. Nevertheless, Zombie High (a spec pilot) has been a really fun, hilarious project to work on. It has eaten up most of my free time (even though I only have a bit part), but the nostalgic feeling that I'm still in high school, clowning around with all of my friends as we rehearse and perform plays has made this a pleasure. I was bitching about waking up so early last Saturday and Sunday and, you know, that really did suck. Especially on Saturday. Thank (fuck) you, company holiday party.

Initially, I had planned on ending my Friday night relatively early at around 11:30pm and only having one or two drinks. Well, one or two turned into four or five and a couple of shots too. I know, I am walking filth. But it's tough when people just keep handing you drinks. Seriously, there wasn't a moment when I was sans drink that someone else wasn't shoving one in my hand and proposing a toast. It was a holiday party! Very relaxed, too. You'd hardly know that these were business contemporaries. I'd be remissed if I didn't mention how dapper I looked. Sooo dapper... (let that one marinate for a while). Anyway, open bar was killing me, but fortunately closed at 10pm and turned into a cash bar. Huzzah! I purposefully didn't bring any cash with me! I'm a genius. Now all I have to do is hang out for an hour or so, get sober again, and head back home to be ready to wake up at 4:45 in the morning. Well, that hour was stretched out quite a bit -- into two and a half, in fact -- no thanks to the afforementioned generosity of my co-workers and their drinking socials, as well as the fact that I was just having such a damn fine time catching up with people I hadn't seen in a while and cutting a rug in my blue pinstripe suit which was a hit. 12:30am mercifully arrives and, at this point, it had been a little over an hour since I'd drank anything. Admittedly, I was slightly tipsy, but still completely capable of operating heavy machinery. No slurred speech, perfect balance, haven't made an ass of myself (and haven't heard anything different in the five days since, so it looks like I'm in the clear), I've got this. Get home a little after one in the morning (nearly two hours past my goal) and woke up about three and a half hours later with an absolutely excruciating, pounding headache. Filled with a sudden adrenaline rush to jump in the shower and prep for a twelve hour day of filming, I leap out of bed only to find myself stumbling. Holy fuck! I'm still a little drunk! Normally, I'd be able to sleep this off, but not today. And I paid for it. Fortunately, there was some Ibuprofen on set which, coupled with some bread loaves, was able to cure my discomfort by midday. But I looked like hell that whole day. And man, did everybody notice. Swish!

After grabbing some dinner after shooting, the plan was to stop at home, freshen up, then hit The Troubadour to catch The Wrens. Then after that, I was to stop by Beauty Bar in Hollywood for a birthday soiree. But holy hell am I tired. And I'm feeling a little sick, too. It's damn cold and windy at Ass Early in the morning. I decide maybe it would be best if I took an hour nap. One hour turned into nearly two and when I hit my snooze alarm for the fifth time, I realized that I wasn't getting out of my comfy, soft queen size bed for the rest of the night. It was only 8pm. Bye bye, Wrens. *wipes away a single tear* Bye bye, Beauty Bar (I never liked you, anyway). Hello nine hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Shooting on Sunday was far more pleasant if only because I was wrapped by three in the afternoon and on the way there Jeff, Frank, Trumbo, and I officially became the smartest carpool ever, stopping at Burger King for some breakfast. BK's french toast sticks? Not very good. Even worse than their hash browns! But I digress...

My weekend? It was gone. Just like that. Poof! Disappeared. But like I said, this production has been so much fun and well worth the time, I believe. It's also provided a nice distraction from all other chaos happening around me, which is welcomed. I've mentioned this to a few people while shooting, but I truly believe that everyone in the 17-20 person cast is hilarious. Truly, everyone brings something worthwhile and funny to these characters, which makes the time fly by that much quicker. I'm almost sort of disappointed, oddly, that this weekend I only have to shoot on Sunday and have Saturday off. Weird, huh? I feel like I'll miss something funny. Oh, and at the risk of sounding chauvinistic, it generally takes quite a bit for a woman to make me laugh. Well, it seems like all the funny girls are in this cast. All four of them (I kid, I kid... There's about nine of you).

Had rehearsal last night, which went well, and have to miss tomorrow night's because of yet another holiday party. This one is of the organizing variety and while I anticipate seeing a lot of friendly, familiar faces, I'm a little tense about it. I'm sure it'll go well. Viacom has netted over $2 billion in the last twelve months. Surely, they could spare a little pension and health insurance.

***Addendum*** Ah, well, looks like I do have to shoot for a little on Saturday, too. Fart.

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