Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I think I'm finally defeating Black Plague 

Ever since crazy good times on New Year's Eve (the party I was at included scores of sexy drunks in a throwdown/shout-out of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." Everybody knew the lyrics. How cool is that?), I have managed to contract Black Plague. On Sunday, I thought it was just a hangover (I had reason to think so given the gallons of alcohol I consumed the night before at break-neck speed). By Monday, I was immobile and dying. The only known cure at the time was a double-barrell shotgun to the face. Yesterday, everything was in slow-motion and my head still throbbing. Today, still have a nasty chest-cold, but the super virus is subsiding. I can tell because I woke up this morning drenched in sweat. And to think I didn't even need booze to break that nasty fever? Huh! Anyway, Plague be gone! Be gone, damn you!

So New Years was fucking great even if I ended the night walking five miles in the cold and occassionally bumping into jubilent New Years celebrators (one guy, Dale, was very happy to see me. I said "cheers" to him and he was crest-fallen when it was revealed that I'm not from London). Then the sickeness.

Best movie of the year: Munich. There is no doubt in my mind. Absolute brilliance at every turn. Spielberg reaffirms his status as a master of film. Easily his best work since Schindler. This movie is as much an homage to American cinema of the 70s as it is a social/political commentary on tense foreign relations then and now. Beautifully photographed. Eric Bana is nails. I could go on...

Rose Bowl today. I like USC over Texas 25-20. I don't expect a blowout like last year by any means, but all signs point to the Trojans winning another championship. They're playing a virtual home game (which means they slept in their own beds last night), are relaxed by the very nature of their coach (Texas is approaching the game much as Oklahoma did last year: with a stern gameface), and they've been on this stage before -- they welcome the hype. Let's not forget that the Longhorns haven't been tested since early September when they won at Ohio State or that Mack Brown-coached teams aren't known for their big-game performances.

This just in: Prayers to Sharon.

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