Wednesday, February 22, 2006

As average as they wanna be 

An entirely forgettable performance for USA hockey was finally put to bed in the quarterfinals against Finland, 4-3. The States played up to their expectations as outsiders. Quite a fall from a silver medal just four years ago. If it's any consolation, all four of their losses were by a single goal. But this squad, which literally arrived in Turin the day before they were to begin play and a day after the NHL went on hiatus, not only never had a chance to get it's legs, they were never able to practice as a team. Sounds like Finland simply outclassed them, though, in addition to a couple inadvertant bounces off of DiPietro. How 'bout those Finns? They're unstoppable, right now, looking worthy of the gold. Their semifinal against the Canada/Russia winner should be a treat. And they already punked pre-tournament favorite Canada 2-0 in group play.

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