Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am job 

As of this past Monday morning, I have rejoined the workforce. The differences between this gig and the last are fun to point out. The new job is: a better title, even more hands on, more pay, better location, and they have ample parking -- underground, no less! I can't tell you how huge that is. Funny thing is, I correctly predicted that whichever job I took next would be an improvement in all of those areas. And it took about two weeks to get it, or rather, for it to get me. Fell in my lap, you see. Last Saturday afternoon, an associate of mine emailed me about a position that started on Monday. The person intended to take that job had fled to Seattle just hours earlier in favor of another job opportunity. So my assosh forwards my resume on to her boss and I come in for an interview Monday morning. It didn't last more than six minutes before they said, "Great, can you start right now???" And that's how I got back to work.

I will not be going to Cape Town. Not that I ever really believed I was, but now it is confirmed as the new gig runs through early May.

I also wish now that I had been perhaps a little more productive during my two weeks off and made more time for writing. Ah well...

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