Monday, February 13, 2006

I am typing right now. This very second. Typetypetypetype 

... whaddya want? It's Monday.

I'd hardly call this weekend relaxing, but it was certainly enjoyable. My parents, surprisingly, were not the death of me and I actually really enjoyed having them here. First time in nearly three years that they have visited. To my delight, they do not view my life in LA as a complete shambles. On Saturday, I took them down to Santa Monica for the majority of the day. The weather was so perfect that it seemed like I was hallucinating. As the three of us walked along the coastline, taking in the ocean view, I had a very surreal realization. It didn't feel necessarily like a Saturday, nor did I feel 26 years old. For all intents and purposes, the scene and atmosphere matched my original haunts in Sea Point to a tee. It felt like some sort of bizarre vacation. I must remember in the future, when the weather is perfect as it was last weekend, to spend more time in Santa Monica. Too bad it's such a bitch to drive to.

I also think it's great that while LA's weather was like that of Eden, New York is in the midst of a horrible blizzard. Suckers. Moving right along...

Dick Cheney is hilarious. He shot an old boy named Harry Whittington (of the blue blood Whittingtons while hunting (for Whittingtons).

Wayne Gretzky's reputation remains untarnished! Damn right! Not that there was ever any doubt. I mean, cripes, we're talking about my favorite athlete ever, here. Gambling still remains a non-issue to me.

Alex the Mastodon makes a very keen, witty observation regarding this whole hubbub over the depiction of the prophet Mohammed in cartoons. Preach on, Alex.

What the hell is going on with Battlestar Galactica? In the first two seasons, there are about three episodes of subpar quality. We're barely halfway into season three and that number has already been equalled, if not surpassed. It used to be that I could count on BSG for regular, steady awesomeness. Now, it's hit and miss. And the hits are growing more and more infrequent. Hopefully this pattern doesn't hold and they're just in a slump. Anyway, I care as much about Billy dying as I do about Apollo's whore. Really, we're just wasting time this season, spiralling downward.

I have watched exactly zero coverage of the Winter Olympics so far. I expect that'll change, but I can't say for sure.

The LA Kings must've heard me ripping their shit apart because they answered with two wins over the weekend against Chicago and Dallas. The Dallas win was brilliant -- four third period goals to win 6-5. Kings own the Stars for some inexplicable reason. We've won five of six against them this season.

Oh! And I got a new computer this weekend! A lovely iBook G4. I'm so pleased with it. I now live in the present.

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