Thursday, February 09, 2006

Love you to death 

My parents are visiting me for four days. They arrive in town this morning. Look, I love them dearly (they're my parents, duh), but four days? That's so long! How am I supposed to survive that?! Oy... If I don't make to Monday, now you know why.

Blatant repost from another forum about last night's episode of Lost. You'd do well to look away if you haven't seen it yet and intend on doing so.

While both cons were super-telegraphed (I mean, really...), I've never really found Sawyer to be all that engaging, and the mysteries of the island weren't advanced at all, I'm pretty sure I dig the whole power-shifting angle. There was a very Lord of the Flies/ King of the Mountain vibe about it. I think the show needed to shake things up a bit and this seemed like a pretty nice way to go about doing that. It actually reminds me very much of the character turns often seen in pro wrestling -- "I'm a heel! No, wait, I'm a face! Love me! Ah ha! Fooled you! I'm still a heel!"
Keeps it interesting and introduces a whole new dynamic on the island which I can appreciate. For any of you comic book-types turned off by this turn of events, perhaps you should direct your aggression at supervising producer (and WGA award attendee/winner for Lost), Jeph Loeb.

Unrelated to Lost, but something I somehow forgot to mention from the WGAs is that some woman had a heart attack while a clip from a nominated film was being shown. Pretty wild stuff.

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