Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My latest addiction 

For the past couple weeks, now, I cannot stop distributing Monk-e-Mail. Ever since generous Mr. LaFleur sent me one, I've been obsessed. This service (provided by CareerBuiler.com of all things) is unequivically the greatest thing ever and a sure-fire way to crack yourself up, even if the person you're sending emails to has no freaking idea what the hell is funny about it. Play with the look, but I think you'll agree with me that "Simon" is the best voice.

Elsewhere, there is absolutely no question that Andre Iguodala should've won the dunk contest over Nate "I won this thing the second I entered because I'm 5'9"" Robinson. Iggy completed the greatest dunk ever. Conspiracy! Anyway, the NBA All Star Game is stupid. But I love the shit out of Bill Simmons who was in Houston over the weekend and is entertaining as ever.

Couple college bball notes:
1. Texas still cannot be taken seriously. Too many blowout losses for this team to be considered a deep threat in March. Their latest embarrassment came at the hands of Oklahoma State which is not a good team.

2. West Virginia lost again last night (to Syracuse). I didn't list them earlier on the "teams to watch" short list because, frankly, opponents have figured out their 1-3-1 defense. Add that to the fact that the Mountaineers are abysmal at rebounding (last in the Big East) and they're a pretty average team if they're not lighting it up at 50% beyond the arc.

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