Monday, February 20, 2006

Presidents' Day is stupid 

Yeah, I said it. It's stupid. Dumb. Unnecessary. But hey, it's another day off... for most people. Someone asked me on Friday what I was doing for the holiday weekend. My answer: "What holiday?"

At any rate, I remember as recently back as elementary school where we made a fuss out of both George Washington's and Abraham Lincoln's birthday. That's fine. No beef with that. Both were great presidents and seminal figures in history. But because their birthdays fall so close to each other, hey, why not make it one big birthday and celebrate it in the name of all the presidents? All the presidents. So in addition to the Washingtons and the Lincolns (who I would gladly take a day off for), we're giving it up for the LBJs, the Jimmy Carters, the Dubyas, etc. And you know what? That's bullshit. "Hey, Mr. President. You're number one! Today is another day in which we hold you in reverance, regardless of your accomplishments in office." Please...

On the other hand, there was no traffic getting to work this morning.

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