Tuesday, February 07, 2006

That was good times 

The weekend be so good that I didn't even talk about it yesterday. I just let it simmer and settle. Of course, the birthday bash was a huge success... I think. I can't be totally sure of the end of the night, though I think I have all the pieces (just not necessarily in chronological order). I remember, at one point, standing on top of a booth at the bar, decked out in a suit, arms raised in the air. I was yelling something. Maybe "party back at my house?" I don't know. But people did come to my place afterwards, so that's a likely possibility. And yes, plenty of skirts on the scene. It was grand. No hangover either, though I did, apparently, pass out while still wearing a tie. For the one or two of you reading this, thanks for making it out. I couldn't have been that on fire without you.

Earlier in the evening, I was lucky enough to attend the WGA awards, but had to take off a little before the big winners were announced so that I could make it to my own party. The show was an improvement from last year if only for Jon Favreau being the host. Steve Carrell, hilarious as always, greeted the crowd not as the Golden Globe-winning star of a wildly successful television show, nor as the WGA-nominated star of a wildly successful box office smash, but as one of us. There was an entire segment devoted to an address from a President Bush impersonator which, while funny, seemed maybe fourteen or so months out of date.

Then Sunday, of course, was my actual birthday, celebrated fanatically by people in both Pittsburgh and Seattle. Pittsburgh is actually still celebrating. Thoughts on the fairly dull Superbowl XL...

The game, for some reason, felt inexplicably small in scope. It's absolutely insane that Seattle dominated time of possession, won the turnover battle, had over 400 yards of offense, Matt Hassellbeck turned in better numbers and performance than Ben Roethlisberger, and they still lost! Um, anomoly, much?! I'd be willing to wager my roommates' cars that such a thing has never happened before.

Steelers caught a lot of breaks. Especially when the Seahawks had that first touchdown taken away from them. If that score holds up and Josh Brown doesn't miss two field goals, we could be talking about the Superbowl champion Seahawks. Neither side (with the exception of the Randel-El to Ward touchdown bomb) really seemed to impose themselves on the other. A lot of mistakes, a lot of opporunities for each team to take advantage of errors. But rather than convert those opportunities, more errors were committed. For crying out loud, the interception by Herndon of Seattle was one of the slowest returns ever. He was chased down by a lineman! Jerramy Stevens would've been MVP if he showed up, but instead he had three horrible drops to go with his TD.

Congrats to Pittsburgh. I'm not even a fan of theirs, but I like to think they won it for me.

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