Thursday, February 09, 2006

This defies everything. My shit? Flipped. 

This, people, is the greatest trade in the history of the universe: NBC receives sportscaster Al Michaels and, in exchange, ABC receives the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald is a CARTOON BUNNY! WHAT?! WHAT?!

ABC: Tell you what, Peacock. We'll release the best sportscaster in the business from his contract and allow him to sign with you if -- if and only if -- we receive the rights to that Disney bunny that pre-dates Mikey Mouse. You know? The one that time forgot?

NBC: You drive a hard bargain (chortle), but (snicker) okay. Deal!

Aside from being reunited with his chryogenically frozen creator, what exactly does ABC plan on doing with this character? I'm hoping for a cameo on Freddie, personally. I imagine that show could use a ratings spike.

By the way, NBC now has both Al Michaels and Bob Costas in their stable. That just doesn't seem fair, does it? Props ("mad" props, even) to them.

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