Monday, March 20, 2006


Let me tell you something, as of right now, at this very moment in time, there is nothing funnier than repeating "Balaban" in the voice of Henrietta the chicken from Return to Oz. Someone asks you what you thought of Capote, there's only one appropriate response: Balaban!

Actually, I just watched Capote. It's good, if not dreadfully slow at times. I don't see how anyone could take exception to that, given that the bulk of the scenes in the film are either phone calls or eight minute exchanges of unbroken dialogue between two characters in a single room. Not exactly visually arresting. But it's a good story and, yes, the Hoff is indeed marvelous. This movie doesn't come close to approaching best picture status, as it's nomination might suggest, but the Hoff is worth seeing all by himself. Good, but not great. Also, Balaban!

Not good TV: Big Love. I didn't know what to make of the series premiere a week ago, so I went into last night's second installment with a pretty open mind. I'm now certain that this show falls into that small category of HBO failures. Look, it's one thing if all the characters on your show are simply wretched and it's a comedy, but that isn't the case here. It works for a show like Arrested Development because you're laughing. The only redeemable character in Big Love is Jeane Tripplehorn's. And she isn't exactly compelling.

More college hoops on Thursday. Should continue to be terrific. Big ups to Georgetown for making me look smart and advancing to the Sweet 16 over Ohio State. Even bigger, madder props to my University of Arizona Wildcats. My boys played as good a game as I could've asked for. No one was expecting them to beat Villanova, but they acquitted themselves quite nicely, just dropping by four points in front of a hostile Philadelphia (read: Villanova hometown) crowd. That's two years in a row, by the way, that Arizona has been knocked out of the NCAA tournament on the "road." Villanova in Philly this year and University of Illinois in Chicago last year. Hey, you think maybe we could get a couple tourney games in Tucson next season? Sheesh.


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