Friday, March 17, 2006


Okay, listen, if one more person calls or texts or asks me if I saw the fucking Northwestern St. shot over Iowa, I'm going to take a fucking crobar to their stupid, ugly face. Seriously. FUCK OFF. I'm so very pissed to have missed it. And yeah, it figures that the one stupid fucking year I actually pick Arizona to lose in the first round, they blow out a pathetic Wisconsin team. Didn't see any of that either. Guess why? I'm at work. I'm at screenings. I'm doing my "job" like a cunt and, of all days, there wasn't any dumb internet this morning. God, I hate this. You know what? Everyone can go kill themselves. I don't even like basketball, anymore.

Also, I didn't wear green today. For one, I don't have any and the color doesn't suit me. But more to the point, I don't care. This dumb day was so far off my radar, I was only reminded of it on the radio in the car this morning.

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