Saturday, March 18, 2006

I got raped in my sleep! 

No, I'm just kidding.

But I did wake up with two strange cuts on my face each between my eyebrow and the bridge of my nose. They weren't there when I went to sleep (read: passed out). That was an accident, by the way. I no that some of you reading this tripe were at my place last night for St. Patrick's Day merriment and I checked out early. Thing is, I didn't mean to. After a trip to the bathroom, I stopped in my room to grab some chapstick. I sat on my bed as I applied it and then... I woke up at around 5a.m. to find that I was still fully dressed and my legs were completely off my bed (sort of like the position you assume on a bench press). Then I slept for another seven hours and have been recovering on the couch in front of MARCH MADNESS since.

I suppose I should explain the outburst below. As the above paragraph notes, basketball and I have made ammends. Watching Wichita St. knock out Tennessee to advance to the Sweet 16 (called it!) helps ease the pain of missing the Northwestern St shot. As does seeing Bradley knock out Kansas last night (back-to-back first round exits by Kansas!). But Northwestern St.'s upset of Iowa encapsulates everything that makes this tournament so compelling. We watch sports for moments. Embedded in each game is something memorable. An upset, a spectacular dunk, a game-changing defensive play, a buzzer beater. What happened yesterday was the very reason we watch sports. A little school from Natchitoches, LA (David) is down 17 points late in the second half to Big Ten tournament champion Iowa (Goliath). Not only does NW St muster up the gusto to pull off the underdog story upset, but they do it with an improbable three point shot with .5 seconds left on the clock. That is why we watch March Madness. For that lighting in a bottle that happens when all the little moments come together to form one great, memorable snapshot. And I missed it. The highlights don't do it justice.

Anyway, I'm watching Washington v Illinois right now and am a little disappointed that UW has unraveled. Snap out of it, dogs.

Oh, and tomorrow, Arizona has absolutely nothing to lose playing against one-seeded Villanova in Philadelphia (a home game for Nova). It's all gravy from here on for Arizona after clobbering Wisconsin. Why not shock the world? Bear down!

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