Thursday, March 23, 2006


How amazing was the finish to that UCLA game?!?! I ask you! How amazing?!?! Roberto??? Wow! I was on cloud nine early in the evening when Duke (fuck Duke!) lost to LSU. Then Texas and West Virginia trading eye-popping shots (UT at the buzzer! Wow!). How can Friday's set of games possibly top this? How? Encore! Deepest sympathies to crest-fallen Adam Morrison. You'll make a great pro, ugly Billy Crudup in Almost Famous. Derisive laughs toward J.J. Redick. Fuck you, buddy. Way to lay an egg when it counts the most. How about Duke's nine consecutive Sweet 16s? Pretty incredible. But four of the last five seasons, now (all as 1 seeds), the Blue Devils haven't got any farther. Sounds like an underachiever, to me. Relatively speaking, of course.

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