Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stoplight sighting 

I don't make a habit of this and have been known at times to chastise people for mentioning that they saw so-and-so-celebrity walking down the street or some such mundane thing, but I had a surreal sighting this morning. I'm driving down La Cienega to work, still waking up, when I pull up at a stoplight beside this tiny burnt orange Porsche. I had noticed the car earlier and it struck me as a horrible color for such a beautiful automobile. So I glance over and it's Hugh Laurie. And, you know, he's being all English and Hugh Laurie, gabbing at nothing (presumably a car phone). He sparks a cigarette and then just kind of surveys the intersection in that English, Hugh Laurie sorta way. And the man looks excatly as he does on TV: grizzled and like shit. Anyway, as he's checking out the scene at Wilshire and La Cienega, he looks over at me. Now, I'm looking like the bomb, like the money, but also half-dead. Like him. And we sort of give each other this head nod, as if to say, "Fuckin' traffic, right? I'm/You're Hugh Laurie." It was a scene, man. There was definitely a connection. You ask Hugh Laurie today if he saw anyone cool on his way to work this morning and he'll tell you about the badass in the regrettable Hyundai. Then he continues straight and I turn right. Perhaps we'll rendez-vous later at Robert Sean Leonard's house and berate him for being so irritating in Dead Poet's Society. Who can truly say? At any rate, I've seen all of one episode of House (it was enjoyable), but enough Black Adder to make this a pretty neat encounter, if not a fairly mundane story. Plus he was in that remake of Flight of the Phoenix, but that's neither here nor there. Hugh Laurie drives his car to work in the morning. He's people. Just like us!

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