Monday, March 06, 2006


Well, you're probably wondering if I had any reaction to last night's Oscars. Unless you watched it with me. Then you probably don't much care. And why would you? It's the Oscars. But in spite of all of that, I will say this: Holy shit, that was one fired up South African. I wish he had another ten seconds of screentime because I was sure he was either going to A) tackle conductor Bill Conti or B) explode. Plus, it would've given him yet another opportunity to shout that the teleprompter is telling him to wrap up in ten seconds.

I should like to see Tsotsi.

I concur. On a number of points, really, starting with Munich being undoubtably the best I saw last year. And Tsotsi's director was his own best publicity with his enthusiasm. There should be more of that. Maybe I wouldn't have been so bored if everyone was that excited to win or brought stuffed creatures and bow ties to the stage.
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