Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I watched a lousy basketball game last night 

But I did it on a 72" projector, so it wasn't all bad. Really, though, Florida's thrashing of UCLA is barely even worth a mention except to say that Florida proved every step of the way that they were the best team, not only at the Final Four (which I had said heading into the weekend), but in the whole tournament. The Bruins last night? Man, that was not the same team that had won 12 straight. Nope. That was the team I saw when I went to Pauley Pavillion to watch them play Arizona St. On that night, UCLA was sloppy with the basketball, terrible at finishing, and completely unfocused. That's the same team I saw last night. Wouldn't have mattered, though, because the Gators outclassed them every step. I leaned over to my friend and sent out text messages only 7 minutes into the game when the score was Florida 16 UCLA 11 that this one was going to get ugly. Anyone who has ever watched a basketball game before could sense it. And sure enough... By the way, was anyone counting how many dunks Florida had? Seems like nearly every possession they had in the second half resulted in an uncontested dunk. All the credit to Florida. Bruins didn't have an answer for Al Horford, Corey Brewer was Steals McGee, and Taurean Green made swiss cheese of UCLA's full court trap. Perhaps the most unlikely champion since Arizona in '97. No doubt in anyone's mind that Joakim Noah was the Most Outstanding Player of the tourney. The guy was unstoppable, but I still think he's about a year away from being ready for the pros. If he declares for the NBA draft now, he's almost definitely a top ten pick, but he'll suffer. If the sophomore stays another year in school to refine his game a little more, put on some muscle, he could be great.

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