Thursday, April 06, 2006


Ahoy, ahoy. Unemployment, as I'm sure you're all aware of, is stupid and boring. I job hunt, work the phones, check the web for any new gigs, motivate myself to do some writing, blast through a season of Winning Eleven 9, and watch DVDs. Actually, those last three aren't so bad, but it's the hustling that's a pain. Though, I'll tell ya, it's nice finally having an opportunity to get some of the clerical aspects of my life in order. Like taxes, car maintenance, groceries, attending more Guild functions and rallying the proletariat. I'm boring myself writing this. Fortunately for everyone, Cash Milliondollars will be hitting the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco this weekend in support of Mastodon City (it's where mastodons live). I just referred to myself in the third person, didn't I? I'm such a twat. Anyway, those Atrox kids will also be in SF, tearing it up with us. Plus there's a bachelor party that needs attending. You've been warned, San Francisco. I haven't visited you since I was nine. Be ready. The monacle will be in full effect.

And then, next week, yeah, I suppose I'll be in Phoenix for a few days. Driving in on Tuesday, primarily to spend Passover with the family and... (ugh) family friends. That'll be a treat. I look forward to a steady stream of the following two questions: "How do you like LA?" "What exactly do you do?" Yup. That'll be great... (no, it won't).

Just rewatched the entire series of The Office-UK. Still utterly brilliant.

I'll leave you with this: Hugh Laurie vs Bob Balaban. Deathmatch. Who wins? You know that Laurie has the height and reach advantage, but I think Balaban may have a little more fire in him. Plus the English tend to be a bit reserved, don't they? Advantage Balaban. They're both scrappers, though, so who can say? For now, I'll put my nickel on the American underdog.

Look forward to even more infrequent updates.

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