Friday, April 21, 2006

Thank You For Smoking (and other things) 

Saw Thank You For Smoking a couple days ago. Immensely entertaining. Really, really enjoyed it. Very light, doesn't take itself too seriously. Funniest movie since Steve Carrell was a titular virgin. Perhaps the film's biggest drawback, though, is how much it LOVES Nik Naylor. It's apparent to you and me that he's slimey, but he sure is coated with chocolate and sprinkles the whole way through. I am perfectly happy with him being the protagonist, but he is so damn likable. It's a great contradiction. Still, really really enjoyed it. Very funny. I can only hope that this finally propels Aaron Eckhart into the more high profile roles he so richly deserves. Fantastic, underrated, underappreciated actor. If there are ten movies this year that are better than Brick and Thank You For Smoking, then it's going to be a good year.

Brief review of... things...

I have written for two shows that are currently on the air. They both air on Tuesday night, in fact, making for an hour and half of power. I wish I got residuals off of those...

The other night, Alex brought over a DVD of the Garfield the cat holiday specials. The Halloween special roughly holds up. The Thanksgiving episode makes John look like an abbhorent monster in every way. The man forces his grandmother at the last minute to prepare an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner (probably her second Thanksgiving meal preparation of the day) for him and his date. It's their first date, too. And they're the only two people eating. Meaning that their families don't love them. The Christmas episode is just simply AWFUL! Garfield, John, and Odie go to John's parent's house for Christmas dinner and presents. That's it. Nothing else happens. There's no story. They just go there. There aren't even any attempts at JOKES. It also becomes readily apparent that we have mistaken John Arbuckle and his brother, "Doc Boy," for their mid-thirties when in fact they're clearly still fifteen. Ugh... disturbing.

Nothing beats hanging out 'til late with your friends, shmoozing, relaxing, drinking, doing nothing in particular. Related to that, a limerick:
I often drink a lot of booze,
It makes me think I'll never lose.
I've eaten three cats,
I call my nipples, "Fats,"
Look at me, I'm Tom Cruise!

Quote of the day:
Albert Einstein - "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."

I should be working in a month and in the meantime relax. I could be in Cape Town, right now, and be back before the job started. But I'm not. Because things are dumb. So, PLEASE, do yourself a favor and watch that "Apu" post below once more.

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