Sunday, April 02, 2006

You're an April Tool 

I know, always derogatory. Well, I just lost an hour of the day, so whaddya want? Stupid daylight savings. Here's the big rundown:

- Yesterday might be the first time I've experienced April Fool's Day without any sort of foolery to speak of. Hell, there was barely even a mention. I forgot it was even April 1st at all. I'm quite okay with that.

- I have written for two shows that are currently on air (both on Tuesday nights -- I've got an hour and half block, yo!), but you wouldn't know it from looking at my bank account. It's not like I see a dime from residuals. If I did, I'd be a fucking millionaire seeing as how both of these shows are on cable and have repeat showings ALL. THE. TIME. My last day at the recent, better, fresher gig was this past Friday. Left on good terms and a return to those folks seems a strong possibility. So without jinxing it too much, keep your fingers crossed. Wouldn't it be nice to have enough compensation to travel while I search for my next job, though? Maybe even a little medical insurance? Enough cash to get my car fixed up without worrying if it'll put me in the poor house. Of course, I don't expect your pity, but I know what my job description entitles me to and, damn it, I should be rewarded.

- I nearly forgot that, last weekend, I saw the Russian film Nightwatch. That's not a good thing, huh? This film is alternately really cool to watch and painfully boring to endure. There are many promising storylines that are simply never paid off and while the one major payoff (re: his son) is pretty awesome, it stems from the dullest, most uninspired plot line in the movie. So while being really cool, it still manages to be dissatisfying.

- A wonderful movie I saw recently: Junebug. Excellent film that has stuck with me over the last several days. I think it's one of the five best films from 2005. It pleases me in many ways that Me, You, and Everyone We Know (decent film) could not if only because it wasn't drenched in rose-colored optimism and self-importance. Junebug considers the both the importance of one's family and their roots while taking into account what a burden they can be to bare. And I love that. That sort of dichotomy is littered throughout the film, from the uncultured bigot artist to the O.C. trying so desperately to record a program on muir cats for his pregnant girlfriend, then scolding her for checking to see if he's okay. It's good to be home, but we realize a universal truth in that sometimes it's even better to not. 'Cause, yo, relatives be taxing. The movie makes no easy choices, either. Embeth Davidtz easily could've been nothing more than an elitist, the O.C. nothing more than an asshole, Amy Adams nothing more than a crazy person, but each character is rich and redeeming in their own way. Can't say enough about how terrific Amy Adams' performance is. Well done. Oh, and something else I realized while watching the film: what an unbelievably fresh perspective for a getting-to-know-you romance. What better way to learn about the man you married after only knowing him for a week than to see how he interacts with his family and small-town community? Great film.

- Speaking of taxing families, I may spend a couple days in Phoenix this month. I'm not terribly excited by the prospect, but I should see my folks for Passover and before they take off for their trip to Cape Town... ugh. No way I'm going during the summer, either.

- The dream is over. George Mason lost yesterday. What a shitty pair of Final Fours games, by the way. Each completely misrepresent how incredbile this NCAA tournament has been. For Mason, they couldn't hit a three-pointer to save their lives. Conversely, Florida couldn't miss. And that is the only difference. As for UCLA's impressive thrashing of LSU, two things. 1) The Bruins played incredibly defense, forcing turnovers and bad shots from LSU left and right. 2) SEC player of the year, Glen "Big Baby" Davis, looked like the worst basketball player on the face of the planet! He was so awful! Not only did UCLA have the physical big men to match up with him, but they created an up-tempo flow to the game that had Davis huffing and puffing after only five minutes. Unless his conditioning improves by a zillion percent, no way in hell is this guy going to make it in the pros. He's already like a present-day Shawn Kemp and who the hell wants that? Really, I still can't get over how horrible he was.

- As far as I'm concerned, the LA Kings need to win all of their remaining games to make the playoffs. They shocked me by beating Dallas last night (although they've got Dallas' number this year with a 6-2 record) because they looked like the worst team in the league this past week during losses to Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton -- three games they needed to win, each of which they showed up for toothless and unmotivated. Three points out of the final playoff spot, now, and another must-win versus Vancouver tomorrow. But even if they do make the playoffs, I don't like our chances against anyone with the possible exception of Dallas. For that matchup to happen, however, the Kings would need the 7-seed. Doubtful that'll happen.

- Major League Soccer returned yesterday! I know, I had no idea either! Though I did catch that entertaining 3-2 Dallas win over Chicago. Only two months until the World Cup!

- Baseball starts back up, too... Well, if it's not about Barry Bonds, no one cares until September. Go A's.

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