Monday, May 01, 2006

The Black Mamba!! 

Lakers go up an improbable 3-1 in the series against Phoenix and can wrap it up on Tuesday thanks to one #8 a.k.a. Kobe Bryant, a.k.a the Black Mamba. Black Mamba totally mamba'd the Suns. Twice! Amazing. I did cartwheels.

Evidently, neither Nash's or Diaw's calls for timeout were audible.

I hate to say it, but save for the last two minutes of regulation and overtime, this was a terrible terrible basketball game to watch. Really. Both teams looked downright bad. The Suns could never establish a rhythm and the Lakers, for some inexplicable reason, completely abandoned their bread and butter in this series -- setting up shop on the interior. Phoenix only had one fewer rebound than LA! It almost looked as if LA left all of their energy on the court after game 3. Kwame Brown and Luke Walton didn't produce like they have the rest of the series and Smush Parker was downright awful, chucking horrible shots left and right. He would redeem himself with that 3 and steal, but otherwise Smush absolutely sucked. He is definitely not a "smart" player. Thank God, Phil Jackson decided to put Sasha Vujacic on the court to end the overtime.

Major contributors this game: Shawn Marion and Boris Diaw. Both played like they did all of the regular season. Finally. But the Suns, once again, showed their lack of killer instinct. Kobe sat out nearly the entire 2nd quarter and Phoenix couldn't build a lead. The Suns twice had this game won and both times they blew it. Again, aside from the last seven minutes, it was a truly ugly game to watch.

All that being said... OH MY GOD! KOBE BRYANT KOBE BRYANT KOBE BRYANT! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Best. Player. In. The. League.

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